Response to Bill Joy on TED

How we define ourselves and the world around us forms our intent, which in turn, forms our reality. Generally speaking, if we define ourselves as human, we’ll act human; if we define ourselves as men, we’ll act like men; if we define ourselves as women, we’ll act like women. However, if we define ourselves as spiritual beings having a human experience, our options change. The world becomes different. We become different and our options expand exponentially.

Currently, our dominant world view is rooted in beliefs of separation and scarcity, which puts us in competition with each other (a process similar to separating wheat from chaff). Instead of asking what’s going to work best for me, wouldn’t it be better to ask ourselves, what’s going to work best for ALL of us? This way we acknowledge both our oneness and separation, which takes us out of competition and puts us in partnership with each other.

The full question would be: What’s going to work best for ALL of us – in personal terms, and in terms of business, education, the environment and peace. Rewriting our basic script is a lot cheaper and more effective than wringing our hands and spending massive amounts of time and money trying to make a system work that’s designed to fail. It’s like trying to put a square peg into a round hole.



We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience. – Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

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Turning Hysteria into Sanity

A Nation of Hysterics

by Paul Campos

Lenore Skenazy, a columnist for The New York Sun, caused quite a stir earlier this month when she wrote about letting her 9-year-old son take a subway and bus by himself across Manhattan. The boy had been begging her to allow him to test his big city commuting skills on his own, and she finally agreed, handing him a map, a subway token, some quarters, and a $20 bill.

She didn’t give him her cell phone, nor did she secretly tail him as he sallied forth across Gotham alone.

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Ask Value Questions and Listen for Intuitive Answers

In desperate situations, many of us intuitively seek help from “God” or a source of consciousness higher than our own.

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