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(Response to the tone of comments  on the Huffington Post, and in general, on other Blogs)

I once programmed myself to have a particular dream. I wanted know what it was like to be a snake and a shark, two beings that symbolize death to me. As a snake, in the first part of my dream, I felt profoundly vulnerable because I had no arms or legs. All I could do was crawl on my belly and use my mouth to defend myself. In the background of my mind was a memory of a time when the snake did have legs and lost them as a form of punishment for some past indiscretion. I couldn’t tell whether the vision was a projection of my mind or the snake’s and whether it was real or imagined. All I know is I felt uncomfortable and wanted to leave the mind of the snake.

I next found myself embedded in the consciousness of a shark. We were slowly approaching the side of a small boat with a large piece of fish hung over the side. A fisherman stood next to the bait holding a gaff in his hands, ready to hook the shark as it rose for the bait. I tried to reason with the shark but the idea of food filled its mind beyond reason. It was going to get that piece of fish or die in the process. Just before it lunged for the bait, I left its mind and woke myself up.

From some of the posts in response to this article, I get the same feeling I had inside the mind of my shark host – that reason has flown out the window for many of us. The shark in my dream let his hunger control his behavior while many of us today let fear control their behavior.

Let’s all stand up and face the challenges confronting us today with calm, honesty and dignity. By changing ourselves for the better, we can change the world for the better. – Pete

Change Ourselves

We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience. – Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

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The Ball of Light, A Dream About the Nature of Consciousness and Being

As my awareness gathers into focus, I feel like a crew member on the Starship, Enterprise. Small pieces of me are rapidly reassembling as if I’m being projected here, particle by particle, through the Starship’s Transporter.

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