The Intent of the Soul, A Message From Veronica

 “The energy that is you seeks the purpose of every linear life that it creates. We often are asked the purpose behind the creation of one’s physical self. The intent of existence [is] often lost amongst the multiple confusing dramas created by the ego of the physical.

The muddled energy behind all these dramas sends mixed messages to the conscious self creating confusion for the individual who is truly engaged in finding the reason for their current existence.

‘What is my purpose?’

The soul knows its intent but the ego attached to the physical manifestation becomes enraptured with the experience and loses all focus upon its original intent.

Those who wish to engage their soul should perhaps stop focusing upon their physical dramas and beckon a silent moment void of talk, movement or sound: The silence of all moments that shout different perspectives & expectations of a linear self that no longer adheres to the wishes of the soul.

This separation is the seed of all discontent with the physical. Unfortunately all who seek guidance with their purpose are often at the precipice of revelation. The ego, however, desperate to maintain its dominance will participate in any way it can to save its hold upon the individual.

‘What do I do? The ever present question of those seeking evolvement.

What to do indeed…

The best prescription is silence. Silence of all those ego based moments that resound in your heart & mind leaving you confused & desperate.

The soul was caste from a symphony of silence while all those in attendance joined in chorus, but it is the silence of ego that propels it to manifestation.

All the voices of your physical self taking a moment of silence while engaging the vocals of your soul will lead you to an understanding of your purpose.

It is not as you imagined it. It is not an event but an intricately woven tapestry of many lives that may or may not crescendo in your current life. Understand that in the end it is your soul intent that will prevail.  Silence your ego and the path will become more available but not necessarily final.

Realize that physical life is a stairway to your enlightenment on a soul level. Each step important but it takes many steps to reach the next level. To judge your footsteps only impedes your process. Focus upon the stepping towards the goal, which is the reuniting with your intent & soul.

Progress occurs every moment, it just may not seem so from your current perspective.”


We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience. – Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

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