Letter to Barrack and Michelle Obama

August 5, 2008

Dear Barack and Michelle,

My wife and I believe in your ideals and want to do something to reflect the real issues people are concerned about in this presidential campaign and at this moment in human history. The enclosed brochure contains twenty two hard hitting ideas on t-shirts, buttons, hats and signs. Many reflect the consequences of continuing to have republican conservatism in the White House. The cynicism, greed and contempt for the public shown by big business and the Bush Administration is unacceptable and people who continue to reelect them need to see, clearly, what they are voting for.

One World

What would the world be like if, instead of competing for money, power and privilege, we cared more about becoming better people? To paraphrase Apollo 11 astronaut, Neil Armstrong, as he set foot on the moon, July 20, 1969, That would be one small step for a man and one giant leap for mankind.

What would life be like if we cared more about how we treat ourselves and one another than how much money, power and privilege we amass? Instead of a Lower, Middle and Upper Class with an “external” value system, we would have something like a Lower, Middle and Upper Way with an “internal” value system. If we made the jump from one value system to the other today, many in the Upper Class would fall to the Lower Way because of the way they treat themselves and others and many from the Lower Class would rise to the Upper Way because of the way they treat themselves and others.

This is not to say there’s anything wrong with money, power and privilege; like every form of energy, it’s how we use it that matters. We can use energy in constructive ways or destructive ways. Think what would happen to the crime rate if our cultural focus shifted from competing for money, power and privilege to becoming better people. The crime rate would drop dramatically because learning how to treat ourselves and one another better is something we can all do. We all want to be loved and valued. Think what would happen in education if our primary goal became learning how to be who we loved to be and do what we loved to do instead of being who we’re told to be and doing what we’re told to do. Think of the natural passion, love and appreciation that change would unleash and what it would do for us as individuals and the world.

Changing Ourselves

When creating good jobs and safe products for a healthy economy issues from our desire to change ourselves and the world for the better, our universe becomes a safer place. When jobs and goods are created to make us rich and powerful in a competitive world where life is seen as a matter of survival of the fittest, we feel unsafe and insist on strong regulation to protect ourselves from divisiveness, blind ambition and outright lies. Great business leaders, great philosophers and great political and spiritual leaders like you would still arise, given the need, but for different reasons. We would aspire to greatness out of love of self and public service, not fear, egotism and a drive for self-survival in a hostile world. We CAN change ourselves and the world for the better if we replace the acquisition of money, power and privilege as our primary goal with the goal of learning how to treat ourselves and one another better.

If we want to survive as a species, we must realize what we’ve done is not nearly as important as what we do now and in the future. Too often we waste time finding fault with ourselves and the world, instead of using our time to create a better self and a better world.

We are both one AND separate but many of us forget this fact and think of ourselves as separate only. As a result, we ask, what’s going to work best for me? This sets us off in different directions, which inevitably leads to conflict and the need for strong external controls.

To achieve balance and SELF-control, we must first ask ourselves, what’s going to work best for ALL of us? This becomes a moral imperative, like “survival of the fittest” only, instead of a command that produces mindless and often destructive behavior; it asks a question that engages our minds in creative soul-searching, which leads to self-discovery and personal growth. We can further ask, what’s going to work best for ALL of us in personal terms, and in terms of business, education, the environment and peace? All are questions to engage the creative side of man for we are both the product of creation and the process of creation, itself.

To success for us all, my friends!


Pete and Sandy


We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience. – Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

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