Consciousness: the bridge

The interaction of Consciousness and Energy (Awareness and Action) is the spark behind the creation of All That Is. We’re not only products of creation, we’re Creation itself!

Who are we? What’s reality? What’s the purpose of life?

Pssssst! Want to know a secret? We’re all ghosts (spiritual beings having a human experience) and we know it. We just don’t like to talk about it. Why? Because from the minute we start school, we’re told to “sit down, shut up and do as you’re told because I’m the adult and I know what’s best for you”, whether it’s in words or actions. Another message that disarms and controls us is: “You are born in sin and basically bad and you can’t trust the flesh (your body) because it is weak and will always betray you.” With disarming and limiting beliefs like these, who wants to explore the nature of their being and ask probing questions? In some religions we’re threatened with excommunication for asking basic questions about life and exploring the nature of consciousness on our own. In science and secular society, we’re ridiculed for giving value to anything other than physically-based experiences. Dreams, visions, magical encounters and psychic experiences are considered unreal and of no value. And we think we’re free? (See: My Recurring Superman Nightmare and What I Learned in Catholic School)

Diary of A Mystic and Real Talk World, LifeSong’s main website (still under construction), are about finding better answers to important questions  like who are we, what’s reality and what’s the purpose of life, so we can do a better job of creating our reality. Nothing is more exciting, or worth doing, than changing ourselves and the world for the better!

Three core beliefs that will change the world for the better. – Seth

  • You create your own reality according to the nature of your beliefs.

  • All existence is blessed.

  • Evil does not exist in reality.

How we define ourselves and the world around us forms our intent which, in turn, forms our reality.

Several people have asked me, “Why use the word ‘mystic’ in the title of your blog?” The short answer is, I believe matter arises from consciousness. Most people believe it’s the other way around. Many years ago, I remember how excited I was to see the title of Arthur Koestler’s book, The Ghost in the Machine. I thought, finally, someone has the courage and wisdom to speak out about reality as I see it, based on my own experience of it. As I read his book, how disappointed I was to discover he was not talking about the soul of man, per se, but his level of psychological and intellectual development, and how inadequate it was to deal with the level and sophistication of his technological development. As a warning to mankind, The Ghost in the Machine worked, but for me, it failed in what I wanted his book to do most – inform us that we are more than we think – that the body is the product of the soul and not the soul is the stepchild of the body. The title of his book inspired hope in me but the contents burned that hope into ashes.

Disappointed but undaunted, I continued along my own path of exploration and confirmed for myself that we are much more than we think. I consider personal experience to be my greatest authority. Like inventors of old, I experimented on myself, or more accurately, paid attention to my own experiences. The Seth books, channeled by Jane Roberts and recorded by her husband, Robert Butts, were a big help. As I read my first Seth book, Seth Speaks, the Eternal Validity of the Soul, over Christmas vacation in 1977, I had mental orgasms of recognition. Almost every line in that book put words to things I knew intuitively but had never been able to express consciously. Never had I read a book that packed so much truth in so few words!

As I continued reading the Seth books I began experimenting with Einstein’s Theory of Relativity. I would get up every morning at 4 AM and exercise my imagination by visualizing myself moving through space, moving faster and faster and growing larger and less tangible as my speed increased, and as stars and then galaxies moved through my body. Once I achieved the speed of light, I would pop into another reality and another life. I would also reverse the process and imagine myself getting smaller and smaller, vibrating less and less until I became completely still relative to this reality and fell into another universe and another life. At night, I would dream of myself in a small wooden cabin. I would be sitting on a bench attached to one wall and look at the opposite wall  until I could see through and beyond it. Then I would lay out flat on my stomach in the air and fly through the wall and up into the sky to look at the stars.

Once, as I lay on my left side alone in bed, my six or seven year old son, Evan, came into the room and started running his red Hotwheel car back and forth on the TV tray, which held my notebook. It was right in front of my face. The noise woke me up but before I could open my eyes to complain, I realized I was watching him run his toy car back and forth with my eyelids closed. At first I didn’t move – I just watched him play with his car. Realizing what a great opportunity this represented, I slowly began to turn my head to the right to see if I could continue to see through my eyelids. After a few degrees of movement, I lost my focus and was unable to see through them any longer.

It wasn’t long before I started experimenting with out-of-body experiences. At first, I did it from a fully waking state. After reading Robert Monroe’s book, Journeys Out of the Body (By the way, Monroe’s book scared the hell out of me when he described one journey out of the body where he hit a steel wall on the return trip. He finally solved the problem and got home safely but not before he set my nerves to tingling.), I would lay on my back in bed and make a high-pitched whining sound in my mind. As I relaxed and raised the pitch of the sound even higher, my body would begin to rock back and forth until I lost all sensation in it. Then I would be able to get part of my astral body to come out of my physical body. Starting with my legs the first couple of times, I would raise them out of my body into the air. At least that was where the sensation of my legs was when I moved them. My physical legs under the blankets were completely numb to sensation and unmoving. Next, I experimented with raising an astral arm out of my body and, finally, my whole torso. While my physical body lay flat in bed, my astral torso sat up and looked around the room. That was cool! I have to confess, though, I couldn’t get my astral body completely out of my physical body. Part of it was the fear from reading Robert Monroe’s  book and part of it was my body, itself; it was afraid to let me leave!

The solution came to me in a dream. In the dream, I entered a multistoried university building. In the hallway outside the main auditorium, I spotted my wife’s Psychology professor standing near a throng of students who had just been released from class. Walking up to him, I asked if he knew where my wife was. Then I got the bright idea to ask him how to achieve a full out-of-body experience. He seemed glad to help and proceeded to tell me how to get around my body’s fear reaction. Symbolically, I saw thick chains tied around  me, held in place with a large padlock. In effect, he gave me the key to undo the lock.

Once I undid the lock, I was able to fly completely out-of-body for the first time. I woke up from my dream lying on my left side, on the left side of the bed. I came out the back of my body and moved backwards partly through the mattress and my wife, Sandra. Coming out of the bed and quickly approaching the wall between the bedroom and the bathroom, I panicked and reversed directions, flying over the bed with such speed I flew through the outer wall of the house and out over McAllister Street in San Francisco. Panicking again, I reversed directions once more and flew back, this time into my body where I stayed the rest of the night. Many out-of-body experiences, many psychic experiences, and many lucid and extraordinary dreams later, I’ve become convinced that consciousness forms matter and experience; that matter IS consciousness and energy condensed into matter. At the level of basic identity or personality, we create reality from what we choose to believe about ourselves and the world around us. By thinking outside the box of our “official” beliefs, there are no limits to what we can accomplish. We are only limited by our ability to imagine.


Source of All Creation        

Energetic Awareness is the source and substance of All That Is. It is the basic force and unifying agent behind all creation. As consciousness thinks, it creates!



Energetic Awareness is the source and substance of All That Is. It is the basic force and unifying agent behind all creation. As consciousness thinks, it creates!

As Consciousness and Energy (Awareness and Action) interact, they condense into whatever form of matter and experience exists at that level of reality. Thought-forms become real!

Supporting Experiences

Inside Ivy (Example of direct, interspecies communication)

Encounter with the Energy of Unconditional Love (Under the surface of “reality” lies whole new worlds of experience.)

The “Suckface” Incident (Using inner senses and intuitive abilities with outer senses and intellectual abilities.)

The Ball of Light (A lucid dream about the nature of consciousness and being.)

Dealing with Local, or “Official” Reality

Currently, our world view, and therefore our life experience, is dominated by three basic core beliefs:  we’re only human, we’re separate, and there’s not enough to go around.  Fearful, competitive thoughts like these attract associated ideas like “survival of the fittest”, “dog eat dog”, and “devil take the hindmost”, predatory concepts we see dramatized in life, work, and art every day.  When we support this basic framework of ideas, it is not difficult to see how acquiring money, power and prestige becomes our primary definition of success, our primary mission in life!  When we insist on believing we’re only human, we’re separate, and there’s not enough of what we want or need to go around, we create a foundation that supports fear, competition, violence and suffering in the world.

To control the destructive expression of these beliefs, powerful government and religious institutions arise to control our behavior.  Elaborate systems of laws or religious edicts are created, all reinforced by the promise of reward and the threat of punishment.  In this psychological climate few questions are asked and there is great pressure to succumb to a state of mindless fear and blind obedience.  To the degree we buy into such negative beliefs, we become the victims of our own thinking.  If a strong perception of separateness and scarcity continues to serve as the invisible and dominant blueprint for the creation of our reality, we (mankind) may well be faced with premature extinction.  We know this intuitively and we need to do something about it now!  We are not bad, it is our ideas about who we are and what reality is that are bad!


We must BE

To change the world for the better we need to redefine how we see ourselves and the world around us.  By paying attention to all of our experiences and by developing our Inner Senses and Intuitive Abilities we will see that we’re basically good, not bad, and there’s much more to who we are than meets the eye.  We will discover that we are both One and Separate, and there is enough to go around if we share the world’s abundant resources and take responsibility for co-creating a pleasing version of our shared reality.  When we take into consideration what’s going to work best for ALL of us, including the earth, we’re doing what works best for us as individuals!


Born September 24, 1942                                                                  

I graduated from the University of Maine with a B.A. in Psychology in 1970, after serving almost five years as a medic in the Air Force.

In June 1970, I started The My Corporation to distribute My Sauce and My Wine Sauce, two products I developed while attending school. I wanted to become rich so I could help the world change for the better because I didn’t like it the way it was. To that end I developed the concept of the Living Label. It involved a hooded figure with a staff walking across a bridge from the darkness into the light. The figure’s movement across the bridge was meant to coincide with positive change in the world. As he moved toward the light, he would gradually lose his robe until he was completely naked on the other side. A nice idea but it didn’t fly. I refused to add preservatives to my formula and early product spoilage brought an end to The My Corporation after three years.

1973: Moved to California with my wife and two children and lived in San Francisco until 1980.

In 1976, when my children were attending John Swett Elementary School in San Francisco, I served on a special, “Blue Ribbon” committee of parents, teachers, and administrators appointed by the then Superintendent of Schools, Robert Alioto. The purpose of the Committee was to completely reevaluate public education. At our first meeting I asked the question, who are we? One young male teacher looked at me and said, “That’s not our job, that’s up to philosophers to figure out.” My response was, If we don’t know who we are, how can we make effective decisions about education? When I saw the Superintendent’s Assistant pull out a stop watch to time our discussions, I turned and walked out, knowing this committee, like many others I’ve served on and observed, was a waste of time. I realized that if I wanted to know who we are, I’d have to figure it out for myself since no one else seemed to see the importance of doing so.

In 1978, after being inspired by the book Seth Speaks by Jane Roberts and Robert Butts, I started publishing Coordinate Point, a magazine that explored questions like who are we, what’s reality, and what’s the purpose of life? When I began to pay attention to my Inner experiences and experiment with the nature of my own consciousness, I began to see and experience things few of us do, or remember. To survive, we let waking events take priority over the more subtle, inner or intuitive experiences we all have. Even so, many of us do remember unusual dreams, imaginings, and waking experiences that are worth sharing. By pooling and sharing these unique experiences we can stimulate the development of our inner senses and intuitive abilities and, thus, redefine who we are.

If we want to change the world for the better we need to understand who we are and what reality is, otherwise, we will continue to recycle tired old ideas like we do now in government, business, education, and our own private lives, ideas that have proven time and again they only create revolution (going around in circles), not evolution (transformation into something more desirable). There is no doubt we are very clever but more than clever, we need to be wise. To change the world for the better, we need to change ourselves for the better!


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As we think

Be a shaper or reality, not a victim of it.

Copyright 2007, Roger A. “Pete” Peterson

Use the desire for excellence that exists in all of us to inspire the best in you!

We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience. – Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

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