Universal Health Care


Universal Health Care

Do you support universal health care? Some people in America don’t. These folks say that “only those who can afford it should get it”, even though these same people are eliminating jobs in America and the cost of health care insurance is rising so fast fewer  business owners and working people can afford it. Ironically, some people against universal health care have publicly funded health care plans themselves. They might even represent you in Congress! What do these people think?  That the uninsured should stop complaining, lie down and suffer or die if they get sick? You hear them talk about life being a matter of survival of the fittest; it’s “eat or be eaten, kill or be killed”, they say. Is this the America we want to live in? Is it the America we want to create? If you say “No!”, the question is, what are you willing to do about it?

As members of society we need to make our voices heard by the people we elect to represent us in Congress. We can call, write, email or fax our representatives to push for Universal Health Care. We can also wear Universal Health Care products to show support in our communities (T-shirts, yard signs, buttons, magnets and more).

As owners of The LifeSong Store (http://www.thelifesongstore.com), my wife and I have decided to remove the profit margin from our Universal Health Care line of products. The price you pay is what Cafe Press (a non-union company) charges us to print and ship these items.

Stand up America! Our strong sense of community tells us to care for everyone and common sense tells us to pool our resources to moderate and control the runaway cost of health care. Do what works best for ALL of us!

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