Belief Systems – A Message from Veronica

(VERONICA is channeled by medium April Crawford – Pete)

       “Every existence in the physical participates in a belief system that becomes relevant or irrelevant to the soul as it progresses.

     There is no judgement from our perspective of which system perpetuates evolvement or not.  Each experience is designed to bring clarity.  Since the soul energy is unique and omnipotent it is only natural that there would be a variety of choices for every soul in every lifetime.

     It is important for all souls incarnate to recognize the uniqueness they posses by existing in the physical.  The honoring of other soul choices should not be excluded on the path to individual evolvement.  As proven often in your physical sciences energy frequency is varied and multi-tiered in its intenseness.  It is only natural that there would be many approaches to the alignment of the core energy from which one emanates, i.e., the source of your soul.

     Questions have been posed as to the origin of our energy.  We are as yourselves only not continuing the physical line.  Our perspective is a bit broader due to the lack of linear drama often created on the way to understanding in physical.

     We seek not to pontificate on the path you should take.  We merely offer perspective on the truths you really already know & which you may have forgotten… or perhaps misinterpreted.

     There is not a correct single belief system since there are many varied consciousness souls currently involved in physical.  These systems are usually derived from culture, and serve the individual in their numerous lessons and perspectives.

     Religion in its linear form also can shade the beliefs of an individual.  We only remind you to seek the truth of your soul, not the outside dogma and ceremonies attached to a particular religious venue.

     Always seek the energy of your soul.  If indeed a particular path calls you then be where you must be.  Eventually the truth of eternity will find you, until then simply listen to your soul. 

     The voice of the inner will always be the clear one regardless of the volume of the many.”


We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience. – Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

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