Outer Senses and Inner Senses

Our intellectual abilities, in partnership with our physical senses, enable us to see the differences between things, to categorize and label them, and to manipulate data and information. They allow us to objectify our experience, see it from the outside in. Our intuitive abilities and inner senses, on the other hand, allow us to subjectify our experience or see it from the inside out.

Intellectual Abilities and the Outer Senses Versus Intuitive Abilities and the Inner Senses

It’s important to understand the differences between our intellectual abilities and intuitive abilities and our outer senses and inner senses because how we use them strongly influences the development of our world view, which, in turn, determines how we treat ourselves and one another. Our intellectual abilities, in partnership with our physical senses, enable us to see the differences between things, to categorize and label them, and to manipulate data and information. They allow us to objectify our experience, see it from the outside in. Our intuitive abilities and inner senses, on the other hand, allow us to subjectify our experience or see it from the inside out. One system allows us to observe and experience the differences between materialized objects and events (a separating quality) while the other system enables us to observe and participate in the formation and dissolution of objects and events from the inside out. Using our intuitive abilities and inner senses, we participate in the oneness and change of all things (integrating qualities). To give the idea of “oneness” more meaning, examine the following description of the Inner Senses:

Inner Senses

(If they’re working properly, our five outer senses enable us to see, hear, taste, touch and smell, but what do our “Inner” Senses enable us to do? In the The Seth Material, a book written by Jane Roberts and first published by Prentice-Hall, Inc. in September 1970, Seth, the entity Jane channels, describes the Inner Senses and how they work. In my copy of The Seth Material, a paperback book edition published by Bantam Books in February 1976, the names and definitions of the Inner Senses appear on pages 278-286. The copyright holder, Robert F. Butts, Jane Robert’s husband when she died September 5, 1984, has graciously given me permission to reprint them. Like our outer senses, the only way to validate our Inner Senses is to use them and observe the results.)

Inner Vibrational Touch – Think of the Inner Senses as paths leading to an inner reality. The first sense involves perception of a direct nature–instant cognition through what I can only describe as inner vibrational touch. Imagine a man standing on a typical street of houses and grass and trees. This sense would permit him to feel the basic sensations felt by each of the trees about him. His consciousness would expand to contain the experience of what it is to be a tree–any or all of the trees. He would feel the experience of being anything he chose within his field of notice: people, insects, (and) blades of grass. He would not lose consciousness of who he was, but would perceive these sensations somewhat in the same way that you now feel heat and cold. (See: Inside Ivy)

Psychological Time – Psychological Time is a natural pathway that was meant to give an easy route of access from the inner world to the outer, and back again, though you do not use it as such. Psychological Time originally enabled man to live in the inner and outer worlds with relative ease…. As you develop in your use of it, you will be able to rest within its framework while you are consciously awake. It adds duration to your normal time. From its framework you will see that physical time is as dreamlike as you once thought inner time was. You will discover your whole selves, peeping inward and outward simultaneously, and know that all divisions are illusions. (See: The “Suckface” Incident)

Perception of Past, Present, and Future – If you will remember your imaginary man as he stands upon a street, you will recall that I spoke of his feeling all the unitary essences of each living thing within his range, using the first Inner Sense. Using this third sense, this experience would be expanded. If he so chose, he would also feel the past and future essence of each living thing within his range.

The Conceptual Sense – The fourth Inner Sense involves direct cognition of a concept in much more than intellectual terms; it involves experiencing a concept completely. Concepts have what we will call electrical and chemical composition. The molecules and ions of … consciousness change into the concept, which is then directly experienced. You cannot truly understand or appreciate any living thing unless you can become that thing. You can best achieve some approximation of an idea by using Psychological Time. Sit in a quiet room. When an idea comes to you, do not play with it intellectually, but reach out to it intuitively. Do not be afraid of unfamiliar physical sensations. With practice and to a limited degree, you will find that you can become the idea. You will be inside it, looking out–not looking in. Concepts such as I am referring to reach beyond your ideas of time and space. If you become proficient in the use of the third Inner Sense when cognition is more or less spontaneous, then you can utilize the conceptual sense with more freedom. Any true concept has its origins outside of your camouflage system and continues beyond it. Unless you use the Inner Senses in this manner, you will only receive a glimmering of a concept, regardless of its simplicity.

(Although I haven’t taken the time to write a full report of my experience, the first time I took LSD, I experienced a state of all-knowingness. Anything I thought of, I could see from every possible angle. I could also see that all ideas are connected. Theoretically, if you start with one idea, you can follow it as it transforms into another idea, ad infinitum, until you see the totality of All That Is. Unlike our physical senses, which see everything as separate, our inner senses see both the oneness and separation of All That Is.)

Cognition of Knowledgeable Essence– Remember that these Inner Senses operate as a whole, working together smoothly, and that to some degree the divisions between them are arbitrary. This fifth sense differs from the fourth [conceptual sense] in that it does not involve cognition of a concept. It is similar to the fourth sense in that it is free from past, present, and future, and involves an intimate becoming, or transformation of self into something else. All entities are in one way or another enclosed within themselves, yet also connected to others. Using this sense, you penetrate through the capsule that encloses the self. This Inner Sense, like all others, is being used constantly by the inner self, but very little of the data received is sifted through to the subconscious or ego. Without the use of this sense, however, no man would come close to understanding another.

Innate Knowledge of Basic Reality – This is an extremely rudimentary sense. It is concerned with the entity’s innate working knowledge of the basic vitality of the universe, without which no manipulations of vitality would be possible–as, for example, you could not stand up straight without first having an innate sense of balance. Without this sixth sense and its constant use by the inner self, you could not construct the physical camouflage universe. You can compare this sense with instinct, as you think of it, although it is concerned with the innate knowledge of the entire universe. Particular data about specific areas of reality are given to a living organism to make manipulation within that area possible. The inner self has at its command complete knowledge, but only portions are used by an organism. A spider, spinning its web, is using this sense in almost its purest form. The spider has no intellect or ego, and its activities are pure spontaneous uses of the Inner Senses, unhampered and uncamouflaged to a great extent. But inherent in the spider, as in man, is complete comprehension of the universe as a whole.

(Where does telepathy fit into this scheme? My experience, Encounter with the Energy of Unconditional Love, started out as an experiment in telepathy. Another experience, Turning Hate into Love, contained a strong element of telepathy as well. When I drove a bus I used to love to ask people questions like: where does each moment come from and where does it go? What are thoughts; where do they come from and where do they go? Where is the “you” that existed two minutes ago and where is the “you” that will appear two minutes from now? In what form do you exist out of phase with what we think of as the Present? With all the possible choices we can make, with all the possible unknown variables that can affect change in the next moment, how do we create each new moment of our experience with such exquisite grace and confidence? What do we know inwardly that we don’t know outwardly?


Other topics of discussion on the bus involved differences in the way we use the concepts of time and space in dreams compared to how we use them in waking reality. In waking reality time is linear only. It is one consecutive moment after the next as we move from birth to death. In dreams, time can move both backward and forward. If you include switching bodies and lives, you can even say it goes sideways too! I remember one particular dream where I was standing at bat in a softball game. When I hit the ball high in the air, instead of running to first base like we do in our “official” waking reality, I followed the ball into the air and came down in another reality.


I landed on the sidewalk of a busy little town where people were talking and shopping, totally oblivious of my sudden appearance. I seemed to fit in like a native of the town. Another difference between our experience in waking reality and inner reality is in how we communicate. In waking reality large groups of people speak different languages, which can make communication difficult if not impossible. Communication between species in waking reality is even more difficult. In inner reality, however, communication is direct and universal. At this level of Beingness we experience another beings thoughts and feelings directly as if they were our own. In my experience Inside Ivy, I was able to communicate directly with the consciousness of a rootlet in the plant. In still other dreams, I’ve had the experience of shifting from one person’s point of view to another as several people stood around sharing their thoughts. I was present as a Personality Energy Essence but not an individual member of the group. As each person spoke, I would be that person looking at the world through their eyes and speaking in their words. When I grew bored with the experience, I left.


In outer, or waking reality, we organize our experiences in linear terms relative to time and space based on logic, demand, and necessity with a few surprises thrown in for good measure. In inner reality, experience results from our need to express emotional energy, desire, curiosity, and whim.  As in waking reality, sometimes we direct our own experience and sometimes other forces direct our experience. Sometimes we lead and sometimes we follow. Whether we lead or follow depends on how clear we are on what we want, and how determined we are to experience it. Another factor that plays a role in this eternal dance of consciousness is the strength and determination of others in our immediate field of influence. In The Ball of Light, A Dream About the Nature of Consciousness and Being, for example, there seemed to be an underlying agenda that was controlled by another entity. My job, so to speak, was to follow that agenda as it sought to teach me about the nature of consciousness and being.

In Encounter with the Energy of Unconditional Love, many entities were involved and could see what was to come as though we had all agreed to this experience ahead of time. I also may have played a role in setting this experience up when two years earlier, I threw my arms up at the universe and asked, What do I want more than anything else in All That Is? A deep male voice, about six inches in front of my forehead said, “Love!” The instant I heard it I knew it was true. More than anything else in All That Is, I wanted love and be loved unconditionally. Since every thought is a suggestion, did the power of the realization that I wanted to love and be loved more than anything else in All That Is serve as the organizing force behind this amazing experience? I think so!


I also think asking questions like who are we, what’s reality, and what’s the purpose of life, and refusing to accept half truths, has led to most of my most extraordinary experiences.)


Expansion or Contraction of the Tissue Capsule – This sense operates in two ways. It can be an extension or enlargement of the self, a widening of its boundaries and of conscious comprehension. It can also be a pulling together of the self into an ever-smaller capsule that enables the self to enter other systems of reality. The tissue capsule surrounds each consciousness and is actually an energy field boundary, keeping the inner self’s energy from seeping away. No consciousness exists in any system without this capsule enclosing it. These capsules have also been called astral bodies. The seventh Inner Sense allows for an expansion or contraction of this tissue capsule.

(When I first started experimenting with the nature of my own consciousness, I used Einstein’s Theory of Relativity. I would imagine myself growing larger and larger and moving faster and faster away from the earth and into the universe. As I moved faster and became larger and less tangible, solar systems and then galaxies would pass through my body until I reached the speed of light. When I exceeded the speed of light, I would drop into another reality and another life. To reverse direction, I would simply shrink my size and slow my vibration rate down until I would come to a complete stop relative to this universe. At that point, I would fall into another reality.)

Disentanglement from Camouflage – Complete disentanglement from camouflage comes rarely within your system, although it is possible to achieve it, particularly in connection with Psychological Time. When Psychological Time is utilized to its fullest extent, then camouflage is lessened to an astounding degree. With disentanglement, the inner self disengages itself from one particular camouflage before it either adopts another set smoothly or dispenses with camouflage entirely. This is accomplished through what you might call a changing of frequencies or vibrations: a transformation of vitality from one particular pattern or aspect to another. In some ways, your dream world gives you closer experience with basic inner reality than does your waking world, where the Inner Senses are so shielded from your awareness.

(In Inside Ivy, I disentangled myself from my human body and flowed into a rootlet of the ivy plant. I automatically reduced my size “Tissue Body” so I could fit inside the rootlet.)

Diffusion by the Energy Personality – An energy personality who wishes to become a part of your system does so using this sense. The energy personality first diffuses itself into many parts. Since entry into your plane or system, as a member of it, cannot be made in any other manner, it must be made in the simplest terms, and later built up–sperm, of course, being an entry in this respect. The energy of the personality must then be recombined.

(In The Ball of Light…, a lucid dream about the nature of consciousness and being, I began to appear in the school lobby piece by piece, as if I had been disassembled and was being reassembled by a device like the Transporter on the starship, Enterprise. Normally, in altered states of consciousness, the process of dematerialization and re-materialization occurs quickly, almost unconsciously. In this instance, it happened slowly enough for me to observe.


After describing my dream experience above, I remembered another experience when time slowed down and came to a complete stop. It happened when I was listening to a Seth tape describing the nature of time. As Seth discussed “time” his words slowed down until I could no longer recognize them as words but only individual vocal sounds, each separated by an ever increasing amount of time. The amount of “time” between each sound slowed until, eventually, there was no sound at all. Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, the individual sounds began again, and increased in frequency until Seth, using Jane’s voice, was speaking at a normal pace again. Experiencing concepts like the nature of time subjectively, or from the inside out, can only be done by using our intuitive abilities and inner senses. Our intellects and outer senses only let us to see “reality” from the outside in, once probable events solidify into physical matter and experience.


Seth’s analogy of a sperm as one type of entry point for a soul, or entity, is interesting. I suppose a female egg would be another and, birth, still another.

In Inside Ivy, I used most of my Inner Senses. I definitely used Disentanglement from Camouflage and Diffusion of the Energy Personality when I formed what seemed like a liquid or gaseous solution and flowed down into the ivy plant. In adjusting to the smaller size of the rootlet, I used the ability to contract my Tissue Capsule, although, unconsciously. In my direct knowing of the plant, I used a combination of Inner Vibrational Touch, the Cognition of Knowledgeable Essence, and the Perception of Past, Present, and Future. According to Seth, we use the Innate Sense of Basic Reality in all of our experiences. In my Ivy experience, using my Inner Senses was as effortless and natural as using my outer senses.)


Determine the qualities of life and being you value most, your ideals, and actualize them to the best of your ability! We cannot blindly accept beliefs, attitudes, values, and expectations from others, even ourselves, without question. Ideas we act out in reality have consequences.

When we give both our oneness and individuality equal value, when we remember that to love another is to love ourselves, to give to another is to give to ourselves, we automatically take into account what will work best for ALL of us. The earth is alive and there are enough resources to go around if we share them, and balance our needs and demands with the earth’s ability to provide for us.

When we can see the magic and wonder, the consciousness and energy behind the creation of All That Is, when we accept both our Oneness AND Individuality as sacred, there will be less need for external forms of government. We all have the power to determine whether or not an idea works for us or against us. “Truth has a beauty of its own that sparkles like diamonds” (Robert F. Butts). When we take responsibility for the kind of energy we send out into the world, we sparkle like diamonds!

Pete, http://diaryofamystic.com

Human Experience

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