What You Are Is Good – Seth

What you do is good. What you are is good. You have only to tell yourselves that until you believe it, because it is the truth.

Seth to Robert (Butts): Whatever you do deep down is right, and that is what you have to learn….I think that you worry yourself as a dog worries a bone. You bury yourself and then dig yourself up again, and then you say, “Ugh,” and bury yourself again. And then you think, “I may not be so bad after all,” and you dig your-self up again–and each time you are not pleased.

Seth to Class: What you do is good. What you are is good. You have only to tell yourselves that until you believe it, because it is the truth. You are unique….There is no other in this universe or in any other universe like you. Through you the energy of All That Is flows in a completely unique, original, and never to be duplicated pattern. Therefore, what you are is eternally with meaning and with purpose and rings through the universe. Your thoughts change worlds, worlds of which you are aware and worlds of which you are not aware….

You can smile at an individual in a way that no other human being, dead or alive, can smile. The touch of your hand can change a life in a way that no other individual alive or dead could change that life. You act upon those that you know and those that you do not know in ways that no other individual can ever act. In each of you resides a uniqueness that is never recaptured, no matter how many times you are reincarnated….

Therefore, honor yourself as you would honor the gods; then, indeed, do you also honor others. Deny your selves, and you deny others. The truths, the honesty, and, if you will forgive me, the magic of the universe shines through your eyes and your skin. Then why should you say I am wrong? You are the reflection of All That Is as It has never been reflected before and never will again. Therefore have trust in the nature of your being….

Your cells realize those truths. They are themselves, and they sing to the universe of your being. Then should you sing to the universe as you know it, freely and filled with joy. So, then, rejoice in what you are, never to be duplicated, never again to be known. Yet you are eternally forever renewed in mysteries that you cannot understand. So know your selves, honor your selves.

The fly trusts the ground of its being. And, whenever you have difficulty, of whatever kind, it is because, in one area or another, you do not trust the ground of your being. You try to hold yourselves up above nature, considering nature some inferior thing, and the soul a fine jewel that will sink into the quicksand; the soul something that you must hold tightly and not drop, because, if you drop it, it will sink–sink into the ground of its being….If you trust the ground of your being–and your being within nature and yourself as a (son or) daughter of the earth–you will know that you will be sustained….

You are embarked upon an adventure. You are growing like a new brand of tree from the earth. (You are) leaves that sink and wonder where they are going, flowers that break apart from their stems and walk the face of the earth and wonder. You are embarked upon a fine adventure, but it is all based upon the ground of your being….The energy that sustains you, it is your own, and it flows through the ground of your being.

What conceit a fly has! A fly does not quail before the universe. A fly does not question whether or not he can fly, or worse, whether or not he is worthy to fly. A fly is what he is; he is joyfully himself, or, for you feminists, herself. But a fly is, and knows its own perfection. As you trust in the ground of your being, then you will also share in the joy of your own being, and trust yourself….

You have minds, bodies, feelings. You are meant to use all of them. Your being is one of expansion and not of limitation. Whenever you find yourself thinking in terms of limitation, catch yourself. Think of the spider who fulfills itself in joy, whose every atom and molecule sings, who feels its part in the universe and, in your terms, knows that its corner beneath the stairs is sacred and real.

So is your corner of the universe, and you fulfill it for a reason. Do not deny your body its joy, or your mind its strength, or your feelings their fulfillment. See what your beliefs are. They are before you. They form your idea of reality. Let loose your beliefs as if (to Rich, one of the students in the class) you were a woman with wild purple hair, blowing in the wind.

Trust in the ground of your being and feel its strength. Do not be afraid of your own energy. It will not hurt anyone, least of all yourself. It is the same energy that makes flowers grow, and the stars as well. The same energy to which the spider and the fly and the squirrel respond. And the smallest cell within your finger responds as well if you let it. Allow yourself your own joy.

The above passage is an excerpt from transcripts of the ESP Class sessions held by Jane Roberts on June 15, 1971, and October 9, 1973. Copyright (c) 1990 by Robert F. Butts. All rights reserved. The drawing of Seth is by Irene O’Brien. From the discontinued magazine, Reality Change, No. 4-14 Path to the Stars, No. 4–15

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We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience. – Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

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