Our Need for Positive Thoughts – Seth

Your body reacts to your thoughts. It does no good to take ten minutes a day and give yourself good suggestions and say, “I am brave, I am strong, I am healthy and young and rich,” and spend the rest of the time saying to yourself, “I am poor, I am getting old, I feel sore, or it is a cruddy world.” You are hypnotizing yourself.

Seth: Your body reacts to your thoughts. It does no good to take ten minutes a day and give yourself good suggestions and say, “I am brave, I am strong, I am healthy and young and rich,” and spend the rest of the time saying to yourself, “I am poor, I am getting old, I feel sore, or it is a cruddy world.” You are hypnotizing yourself.

You would not think of going to a hypnotist and having him tell you that you are getting sicker by the moment or the world was getting cruddier by the moment, or that your arm or foot or head or toe or ear would hurt more and more with each breath that you took. You would have the man up to be hung, and think such an affair an evil thing indeed. Yet you do this to yourselves often, and then you say with all bland innocence, Why does this come about? Why am I sick?” Or “why am I sore or why am I caught in this cruddy universe?”

Every time you say, “I am helpless and I am slipping into chaos,” whether you get laughs or not or whether you say it humorously or not, you are indeed pushing yourself further into the chaos you are creating with every breath you take.

There is no contradiction here with what I have said about spontaneity. When you have allowed negative habits, however, to take over, then somewhere you must draw the line, for the negative habits knock away the discipline. The negative habits knock away even spontaneity, for all thoughts of good will and health and vitality disappear beneath these thoughts that you are handing yourself everyday like poison upon the spoon, whether the spoon be wooden or tarnished or silver.

When you allow negative thoughts to predominate in your conscious mind, you then become more open to the negative thoughts of others. You are given a natural protection, but you weaken this protection when your conscious thoughts are negative. This not only happens in the waking state, but you also become more open in the dreaming state to telepathic communications from others of a negative pattern. It is you who open these channels through your thoughts, a sort of psychic contagion in which you are the agent.

You not only attract negative conditions, therefore, in the physical world that you know, but you open yourselves up to these in the dream reality.

Tom: In the back of your mind, you think a negative thought, then say, “Oops, this is wrong!” and try to change it. I don’t think it is so easy.

Seth: A negative thought alone would be followed by a more positive one. Thought patterns and emotional patterns, left alone, would change one into the other as stormy weather changes into sunny. It is only when strong negative patterns are allowed to flow unrestrained and indulged in so that they become a barrier holding back positive thoughts that you run into difficulty.

When you have strong aggressive feelings, admit them as being legitimate feelings, and accept them as legitimate on their level. The very acceptance and acknowledgement gives you some relief, and the feelings already begin to dissipate. Physical activity at the time is good. Say what is on your mind honestly.

Tom: But the expression need not necessarily be to the party you are concerned about.

Seth: It need not be, but it may be. If someone annoys you, you should admit honestly that they annoy you. You need not tell the other person or you may, but, if you ignore the feeling, it builds up until someday, when the poor man makes a simple innocent remark, you will beat him over the head or, worse, develop a knock in your knee because you want to hit him over the head and do not dare to do so.

Tom: I wrote a guy two days ago to go to hell.

Seth: There is a difference between this, which is a healthy acknowledgement of feeling, and an indulgence, an exaggeration of feeling that dulls you to everything else. It is only when you refuse to accept feelings that they build up charges. Physical activity is a good way to work this off, if only pounding the bed. Do not put your hand through walls. It is bad on the wall and bad on the hand; even your astral knuckles may hurt.

An overindulgence in negative emotions is worse than an overindulgence in negative thoughts. When you love life very deeply, then it is very easy to despair. And, when you compare ideal human relations to the relations that exist in the world as it is, it is very easy to despair. But, if you give in to despair, then you cannot see the beauty that does exist, for the despair will eat it through like lye. So hold on to the beauty and guard it and the vitality of your thoughts and emotions and your natural vitality as you would your life, for it is your life.

Peace is truly joyful and exhilarating, and it can be as good and better than any trip, so, if you are going to trip, then trip through the bright green forests that grow in your own mind, and derive your strength and peace from these.

The above passage is an excerpt from a transcript of the ESP Class session held by Jane Roberts on July 21, 1970. Copyright, 1991 by Robert F. Butts. All rights reserved. The drawing of Seth is by Irene O’Brien. From Path to the Stars magazine (discontinued), No. 5—14, 15

Master of Appreciation


We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience. – Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

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