Live Earth and Changing Ourselves for the Better

Wow, so many things to think about this morning! Last night Sandra (my wife) and I attended a Live Earth Party here in Santa Rosa, CA, at a large community room graciously provided by the Redwood Credit Union.

Wow, so many things to think about this morning! Last night Sandra (my wife) and I attended a Live Earth Party here in Santa Rosa, CA, at a large community room graciously provided by the Redwood Credit Union. About 150 people attended. There were problems acquiring the satellite feed so our host, Veronica Jacobi, a Santa Rosa City Council member, scrambled to find speakers to fill in the empty spaces.

I was  one of the people she asked to speak. One minute I was sitting at a table watching events unfold and the next minute, Veronica, in desperation, was asking me to speak about Composting toilets. I reacted by reminding her they’re illegal in Santa Rosa. At a loss, she left my table to ask someone else to speak on some other environmental issue near and dear to their heart. 

I’m sharing this story with you because there are underlying reasons why I didn’t want to get up and speak. I guess it would be fair to myself to say that, first of all, I had no time to prepare. But more than that, I’m afraid to speak in public. When I was young, I was so angry at the world for making it so difficult for me to love and be loved, all I did was find fault with people in the world, and its institutions. And I was good at it!  (See: Master Fault Finder.)

So now, I spend much of my time unlearning what I learned as a kid. Most of us do, don’t we? Actually, it’s what makes life interesting – gives it substance and meaning! I don’t know about you but I think life is a great ride! When I was young life was so stressful. There were so many things I was expected to do, like complete school, get a job and make money, find a wife, and raise a family. Yikes, how come no one was asking me who I wanted to be and what I wanted to do? As a result, I acted up, got into trouble, quit high school and went into the Air Force to get away.

Anyway, back to last night. I’m slowly changing the way I look at the world (rewriting my script), which is slowly changing the way I react to it. Intuitively, we all know  what we send out into the world comes back to us; if we send love out, we get love back; if we send hate out, we get hate back. In my case, I sent a lot of anger and contempt out into the world when I was  young. I’m still afraid it will come back to me if I expose too much of  myself. You remember the old adage, “if you stick your head up too high, someone will come along with a hammer and pound it down.” What we give is what we get, in other words. At my age (64), I’m still trying to let go of old fears and find my way back to love. (See: Fear or Love? What kind of energy do we want to send out into the world?)

There was stuff I wanted to talk about last night that would  have been appropriate but I was afraid of becoming self-conscious, or paralyzed with fear, and forgetting what I wanted to say, which has happened often in the past, although as I said, I’m still working on it. Here’s one of the things I would have said said last night, it’s an adapted quote from Mohandas (Mahatma) Gandhi: “We must BE the change we wish to see in the world!

Although I wouldn’t have been given time, I would like to have talked about the role of core beliefs in the creation of our reality. For example, take the most dominant core beliefs that drive our world today: we’re all separate and there’s not enough to go around. Right off the bat you can see how these ideas create competition and a belief that life is a matter of survival of the fittest, which, in turn, leads to associated ideas like dog eat dog and devil take the hindmost, predatory concepts we dramatized in life, work, and art every day. Making matters worse is the inevitable conclusion that people who subscribe to these beliefs are basically bad and can’t be trusted. (See: My Catholic School Experience.)

Counterbalancing this negative set of core beliefs is another popular set of beliefs: we’re both one and separate and there is enough to go around, if we share. (The God of Neale Donald Walsch, in the Neale Donald Walsch books Conversations With God, pointed these ideas out and they seem, to me, to be quite accurate. With these two ideas as root beliefs in our belief system, partnership (It’s all for one and one for all, as the Three Musketeers would say.) is the natural order of things, not competition! 

From this framework of ideas, we ask: What’s going to work best for ALL of us?, not, what’s going to work best for me, only, without taking into consideration the effects of our behavior on others. In this system of beliefs both our Oneness and Individuality are acknowledged and respected equally.

Oh boy, am I getting off track but it should be fun anyway! I want to share with you an excerpt from an article I’m currently working on. It will give you a good idea of how ideas work in creating our reality.

Here it is:

This has turned into a long writing day but it’s been fun!

One more thing before I quit today, if I had gotten up to speak last night, I definitely would have suggested that everyone in the audience go to:… to read Michael Moore’s letter about the secret memo sent to Blue Cross, Blue Shield employees after a vice president of the company saw the movie. The comments after the letter were amazing! I think it took me at least 3 hours to read them.

One more item today: yesterday I composed a question for my 13 year old granddaughter. It was: How can I be the person I love to be and do the things I love to do in this demanding, controlling world? Too often, souls in young bodies are told what to do and, after awhile, they stop seeking their own path. We create our own reality, and we need to remember that always!

Remember how good we are, how much we do, and how well we do it, and forgive us for our trespasses (ignorance, bad choices and mistakes). We’re doing the best we can given what we know, although that’s no excuse for continually trying to do better.


We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience. – Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

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