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I dreamed I was the leader of an elite American team of scientists and engineers racing to beat our Soviet counterparts in building the first Starship.


Starship Earth


Welcome to the introductory issue of the LifeSong Newsletter!

“Peace in the New Millennium” is the theme of this mysterious Starship image. It was born in a dream in the late 1980s.

I dreamed I was the leader of an elite American team of scientists and engineers racing to beat our Soviet counterparts in building the first Starship. Even though our respective governments wanted our projects shrouded in secrecy, both teams were aware of the other and the progress each was making. The leader of the Russian team and I were close personal friends and members of both teams had worked together on previous multinational projects. Driving us, more than friendly competition, was a growing concern for the safety of mankind. It was generally believed that the earth was in imminent danger of being destroyed – if not by natural disasters first, then by the thoughtless hand of man himself.

Both construction crews were working around the clock to build their Starships. Similar in design, each was a massive globe, designed to carry many thousands of people and species of plants and animals. Each was a modern day Ark built to preserve the seed of mankind in the face of almost certain human extinction.

The size of each ship was so immense we knew we couldn’t keep them hidden from public view forever. I remember leaning against the metal rail of the observation deck outside my office, built halfway up one of the surrounding mountain walls. From this elevated and distant vantage point I could think in larger terms and maintain an overall view of our progress. Standing there in the growing darkness of the cool summer evening, I watched as a large curved section of the ship’s hull was hoisted into place to be welded.

The powerful sense of urgency surrounding this project created a palpable tension in the valley air that yearned to be released through the ship’s completion. Every member of the team was caught up in it. Like Noah, we all believed the very survival of mankind was at stake!

As I awoke from my dream, I knew we would finish building our Starship and get it launched before disaster struck. The impact of this dream was so powerful I drew several sketches of the Starship before getting out of bed. Within several days I had hired a professional artist to create a more sophisticated drawing.  In the interest of greater symbolism, the artist suggested we incorporate an image of the earth on the ship’s surface to reflect its point of origin. The energy of this important, and possibly, prophetic dream also inspired me to open the LifeSong Store and create Real Talk World, a website devoted to establishing a new understanding of who we are and what reality is – an understanding that can, hopefully, produce the same result as the Starship in my dream.

While the Starship we have created is only a visual depiction of the Starship in my dream, we think it can serve the same purpose. Coupled with this story, its meaning and significance can lift mankind to new levels of love, understanding, and creativity because it not only symbolizes change; it reminds us of the need to change.

We think the story of the Starship, NEW MILLENNIUM, offers hope to mankind and we think you will too. Please share it with family and friends alike, and don’t be shy about wearing this image on T-shirts and other garments in active support of the intent behind it – Peace in the New Millennium!  By changing ourselves for the better, we can change the world for the better!


We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience. – Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

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